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Joel Schopp


Joel has been with Ascend since the near the beginning, 12 years ago. He is a donor, a former President of our Board of Directors, and a guide for canoeing and climbing. He taught his first canoe paddling strokes and canoe rescue classes when he was in high school. Joel has been climbing for 20 years and currently has an AMGA SPI certification.


When asked about his favorite piece of gear, he gave us three answers: the Hennessy Hammock for camping, the ZRE Power Surge Medium paddle for canoeing, and 70m Sterling Evolution Aero 9.2mm bi-weave single rope for climbing.


Joel grew up in Alaska and named his son Denali, the name of the tallest mountain in North America.  Growing up in a log cabin in the woods he believes that nature testifies to the glory of God because he experienced it.  We learn more about ourselves when we are challenged out in nature.  He says, “Too often we all, myself included, become numb in our own bubble of day to day life of experiencing life through screens of televisions or phones. I want people to experience face to face”.


 His goal on an Ascend trip is to embody the way of love from 1 Corinthians 13 and for those he is guiding to learn those attributes of love.

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