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Ascend Outdoor Adventures is a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry and educational organization. Our primary aim is to glorify God through quality outdoor adventure experiences for groups that encourage leadership development, spiritual formation, and community growth.



We are a decidedly Christian organization, upholding biblical principals, but we are not affiliated with any one denomination or church.


Outdoor Education

We endeavor to teach our clients how to enjoy the outdoors in a safe and responsible manner. This includes environmental awareness and safety precautions.


High Quality Service

We are committed to providing quality experiences to groups. Our programs are tailored to first-timers, so we teach the basics of each activity assuming little or no experience on the part of the participant.


Community Service

We organize regular community service projects such as trail days in conjunction with our partnering organizations.


Collegiate Leadership

We provide training and work opportunities for college students and young adults who are interested in learning about the field of outdoor leadership ministry. We focus on developing leaders at the University of Texas, and Concordia University.


Ascend's staff raises support so we can keep our trip costs low, allowing at-risk groups to be able to go on trips. You can be a part of sharing the gospel by supporting Ascend!

About: Inner_about
About: Inner_about
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