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Ciudad Nueva:


"As a High School Program coordinator, it is my job to ensure students are safe, loved, and feel known. These are some of the easy parts of my job. I have had the privilege of taking my students on Ascend Outdoor Adventures trips and these three things have been the fabric of each and every trip. Our students (and leaders) face fears they never knew they had, feel loved in ways they never knew they could by strangers they've only known for a few days, and feel known by their peers, the leaders and staff members. Ascend Outdoor trips are still some of our students' most treasured memories. They've been rock climbing for the first time, have helped care for a National Forest, and most importantly shared their testimony for the first time! Ascend Outdoor trips not only impact the students, it impacts the leaders through the skills and journey with Christ we witness after students leave the campground."

Check out more about Ciudad Nueva and what they do at:

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