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Great Hills Baptist Church: College Students


"We took a group of college students from Great Hills Baptist Church and the University of Texas, some of whom were international students, camping at Enchanted Rock. We went caving, hiking, and rock climbing. When we went caving, I found myself with one guy in front of me and two behind me, all of which had forgotten headlamps. I had a headlamp so every few feet I had to shine my light for those behind me to get through. One of these young men was an international student with a Hindu background. During the debrief, some of the guys began to speak with the friend who I had helped through the cave. They had been sharing the gospel with him; he told them he realized he had been living in spiritual darkness and his friends pointed him to the light that is Jesus Christ. It was a few weeks of conversation and prayer but eventually this young man gave his life to Jesus! He knew he wanted to follow this great and living God!"

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