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A Name

"What's in a name...?" It's a fair question. Very rarely do we name things arbitrarily. We give names to things of significance or importance, and so we give great care and thought to what a name communicates. "Ascend Outdoor Adventures" is no exception. So what exactly is it that we are trying to communicate by our name? "The motivation for forming and naming Ascend is a deep desire to see a generation raised up that would glorify God and seek His face. Through the physical journey of Ascending peaks and walls we can learn a great deal about the spiritual journey that we are all on. Christ is our great trail guide, and when He ascended Calvary He made it possible for all of us to ascend the hill of the Lord. Even though we are a sinful and imperfect people Christ has made it possible for us to have fellowship with a perfect and holy God. Through faith in Him, and relying on Him through the journey of life, we can overcome any obstacle life throws our way, and enter with Him into an eternity of fellowship with God." -An Excerpt from our Field Staff Manual So there you have it- a glimpse into what is in Ascend's name. What are some significant names that you've encountered?

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