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Sabbath Rest

​28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matt 11:28 NIV December and January are traditionally rest months for us here at Ascend. From February through November we go out pretty hard leading groups throughout Texas in the Spring and Fall and in North Africa and New Mexico in the summer. I love the opportunity to lead teams outdoors and there is a rejuvenation that just comes from being outside, but the work can be grueling and taxing at times. Years ago we began to understand the need to honor the Sabbath not just weekly but in a yearly, seasonal way as well. The past 2 months we have had a lot of time to catch up with family and just…be. I also had the opportunity to climb in Mexico with friends and ski in Colorado with family. It’s been so renewing and reinvigorating to take some time to just focus on our family and let the Lord breathe life into us. Last Sunday as we sat in a warm and comfy lodge in Durango, Colorado while the snow came down in buckets, we had the opportunity to worship with our Great Hills church family via streaming over the internet. As I sat over 800 miles away, I was amazed at the marvel of modern technology and also struck by the fact that we live in an age where we have every convenience at our fingertips, and yet we are busier than ever. We often live lives that are haggard and worried and stretched to the limits. We need the disciplines of simplicity ​and rest. We need to truly honor the Sabbath. In my life I am often tempted to not honor the Sabbath because I’m worried that things won’t get done; that my world will fall apart if I don’t keep working. But that’s the very reason that the Lord calls us to Sabbath rest. In his fantastic little book “I am Not but I know I AM”, Louie Giglio has this to say: "Everything doesn’t hinge on me. If I stop doing my part, the whole world will not fall apart. I am not in control. God made the whole world in six days without any input from me, or my assistance. God doesn’t need me to accomplish His work. I am little. God is huge. I trust Him.” - Louie Giglio We need times of rest and renewal to remember how big the Lord is and that He is in control. We can rest in Him, knowing that the world will not fall apart! As we face our busiest season yet, my heart is full. I feel rested and reinvigorated and warmed by the knowledge that God is control. This week I pray that you may find time to honor the Sabbath and rest in the sovereignty and care of your loving heavenly Father.

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