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The Comfort Zone

On a recent hike in near 100 degree temps a teen from an underserved community we were working with turned to me and asked: “is this supposed to be fun? No really, do people do this for entertainment?” She did not seem comfortable. Often participants in our programs find that stepping over the edge of a cliff, summiting a lofty peak, or running in insane temps is the hardest thing they have ever done. I will frequently ask participants to point out one person in the Bible who God asked to do something easy. Our Lord often asks His children do things that are extremely difficult; no not just difficult, impossible without Him. Beyond the edge of our abilities lies a universe of faith and adventure where anything is possible for him who believes. So many Christians today are stuck in the rut of normalcy and the mundane. They rarely venture far outside of their comfort zone. When we step out of our comfort zone in faith something amazing often happens, God meets us there, and we experience His heart in a way we never could have imagined. Jesus calls His followers into a life of risk and self sacrifice. His path is frequently crooked, steep, rocky, and fraught with dangers, but always hemmed by His unfailing love. In the words of Kyle Idleman from his book Gods at War: “God is often calling us outside our comfort zones. He’s calling us to a great adventure that requires risk and faith. The invitation of Jesus is to take up a cross and follow him. It’s hard to carry a cross when comfort is your god. The gods of control and comfort are likely in direct conflict with the Lord God who has called you to a new kind of life.” Jesus is calling you to a life of adventure and joy and the first step is to leave your comfort zone far behind. Will you deny yourself today, take up your cross, and follow Him wherever He leads?

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