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Point of View

The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good. Proverbs 15:3 NIV The Lord watches over you— the Lord is your shade at your right hand; Psalms 121:5 NIV I recently purchased an action camera for Ascend that can be mounted in multiple places like a helmet, or on the front of a canoe or kayak. I’m excited about the perspective this new tool is going to bring to videos we shoot, and the feeling of “being there” that others will be able to experience. Being able to capture moments from a first person point of view adds a gritty realism to any project. This got me thinking about perspective. Perspective is such an important piece of what we do at Ascend. Often when someone is climbing a route, they will get stuck in a difficult spot and won’t be able to see a key hold that is literally in front of their face. Someone who is on the ground who has done the route before has a different point of view and is able to provide vital insight that helps them move forward. The same is true of river trips. It helps to be up front to be able to see what is coming around the bend. In a very real sense just getting away from it all and getting into God’s creation also helps lend a sense of perspective and renewed focus for our participants. In our daily lives many of the trials and difficulties we face are made even more difficult because of our perspective. Typically we only see part of the situation but the Lord sees from high above and beyond time. He knows the intricacies of what we are dealing with better than we do ourselves, and He knows the solution and where He is taking us. Jesus has walked the path we trod, and he knows our pain and every weakness. The most amazing thing to me about our heavenly Father’s perspective is how willing He is to share it with us. When we delve into His word, and peer with the eyes of His Spirit, we can truly get a glimpse of things as they really are. It is incredible how mind blowing and life changing it can be when we see things from the Father’s point of view. It is our prayer that as you begin this new year that your eyes would be opened to the world as God sees it, and that His perspective would lift up your heart and fill you with hope.

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