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Currently I am in the middle of the writing phase of the Doctor of Ministry degree in Leadership from Denver Seminary. I’m almost 4 years in to a 5 year degree program. There were times that it felt like this journey would never end, but bit by bit I’m getting closer to the finish line. When I started the degree, the head of the program shared with us an analogy of how the doctoral program was much like the earlier settlers travelling across the plains with the Rocky Mountains protruding in the distance. The slow and steady pace of the plains represented coursework, and the lofty peaks were the thesis always looming up ahead.

Next month I will undertake my doctoral project with a group of college students and young adults in Big Bend National Park. I’m excited for us to learn together what God has to teach us about finding our identity in Him through a wilderness experience. Just as the Lord met Moses, David, and Elijah in the wilderness, I know He will meet us there as well.

I have learned many things through this journey, but the greatest lesson has been the importance of grit and determination. To me, grit is the x-factor that leads to success in just about any endeavor. It is incredible what the Lord will accomplish through a person who refuses to quit.

In the book of Galatians the Apostle Paul instructs His hearers to not grow weary in doing good, trusting that we will reap a harvest if we don’t give up. This is such an important reminder, no matter what challenge we face, whether it be literal or metaphorical mountains. The promise of Christ is that no matter how difficult it gets He will be with us and will help us see it through. Whatever your journey holds may God give you the grit to persevere.

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